Upcoming artists-in-residence:

Fall 2020, 10 days:

Ben Driggs

A seminal period for Driggs was moving next to a junkyard

in the third grade. Their work begins with materiality and intuition, being drawn to processes that have a trans-formational, alchemical event, and something that alters the inherent logic in the way things are made.


Joani Tremblay Whit Leaves Artist Residency

Fall 2020, 14 days:

Joani Tremblay

Through painting and sculpture, Joani Tremblay maps between the abstract and the representational, the virtual and the physical, and the utopian and the real. She investigates the relationship between landscape, its simulations and reproductions, and how it is combined with our own memory of places.


Janelle Vanderkellen White Leaves Artist Residency
Fall 2020, 10 days:
Janelle Vanderkelen


VanderKelen’s videos, films, and sculptural installations situate the telling and marking of time within the body as mutable monument. She employs ideas of performance, ritual, and reenactment to engage contemporary concerns regarding feminine agency and representation.


Z. Pinson Hopgood, White Leaves Artist Residency
Spring 2021, 14 days:
Z. Pinson Hopgood


Hopgood is an experimental composer, writer and mixed-media visual artist. His work explores the mutual interplay of culture and the media forms that define its many languages.


Amanda Assaley, White Leaves Artist Residency
Spring 2021, 14 days:
Amanda Assaley


Amanda Assaley lives and works in Chicago, IL and is the Youth Education Coordinator at Syrian Community Network. Her work concerns vital materialism, vernacular art, and troubling the assumed nature-culture divide.


Previous artists-in-residence:

Marissa Brown White Leaves Artist Residency

Fall 2019, 10 days:

Marissa Brown

Marissa Brown is a contemporary choreographer, dancer, and filmmaker creating work that strives to be infinitely re-latable by focusing in on familiar emotional states (i.e. love, loss, etc). Brown offers uninhibited physical movements connected to both fantasy and personal truths.


Lee Noble White Leaves Artist Residency WLAR

Spring 2019, 10 days:

Lee Noble

Lee Noble is a collagist and composer whose work has focused on the in-between places within forms, where synthesized and folk traditions start to meet.


Melanie Gillman White Leaves Artist Residency WLAR

Spring 2019, 10 days:

Melanie Gillman

Melanie Gillman is a colored pencil artist and graphic novelist who specializes in positive LGBTQ comics for young readers.


Linsay Metivier White Leaves Artist Residency WLAR
Spring 2019, 10 days:
Lindsay Metivier


Lindsay Metivier's work is invested in bringing together fragments and moments in ways that are simultaneously

meaningful and actvely random, presenting sequences that

coalesce in simple, complicated and sometimes impossible ways.


Linda Scobie White Leaves Artist Residency WLAR

Fall 2018, 14 days:

Linda Scobie and Courtney Fellion

Linda Scobie and Courtney Fellion are multimedia artists who develop work in conversation with one another while traveling. Their work explores Western landscapes, social isolation and science fiction.



Ben Hoste White Leaves Artist Residency

Spring 2018, 14 days:

Ben Hoste

Hoste is a non-fiction, documentary photographer whose personal work is driven by an interest in identity – be it an individual or collective identity – and how it interrelates to a given geography.


Janaye Brown White Leaves Artist Residency

Spring 2018, 10 days:

Janaye Brown

Brown's video works are based on pregnant moments observed in everyday life, accessing the tension and mystique that lay beneath the surface of familiarity. Through an extended look at a narrative fragment, often with a single action as its focus, the subtlest shifts become prominent and the viewer has time to examine everything within the mise-en-scène.


Grace Rosario Perkins White Leaves Artist Residency

Fall 2017, 21 days:

Grace Rosario Perkins

Perkins is interested in disassembling her personal narrative and reassembling it as one that layers words, objects, faces, and signifiers built from cultural dissonance, language, and history.


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